Aastha Gill Wiki, Biography and Unknown facts about Indian Playback singer

Aastha Gill Wiki, Biography,  Age and Unknown facts about Indian Playback singer–  Whenever i listen song DJ Waley Babu Mera Gaanaa Chala do Model and singer i get mad to write about this beautiful singer and model Aastha Gill. She got viral from the song Badshah – DJ Waley Babu feat Aastha Gill | Party Anthem Of 2015 Model- Natasa Stankovic.

Now after rocking performance of this girl i am going to share complete wikipedia and biography details of this model and singer. For all those Aastha Gill we request you to comment below with your thoughts.  Here are some of the unknown facts about this beautiful singer.

1.Aastha Gill: Personal profile-

Personal profile-

Contact Information-

3. Interview –

My name is Aastha Gill and I am a singer and a designer. I was working in advertising before I got into singing. Singing has always been my passion but I never thought that I would pursue it. Being from a musical family, I was always asked to practice it and make a career out of it but I never made that choice for myself. But I guess I was destined to be one! Dhupchik from the movie Fugly is my debut song and I am glad my first ever song did so well at the Box Office!

4.DJ Waley Babu Song Response-

As expected Aastha singh DJ waley babu song is getting fantastic response from Indian as well as International market. Her song got trending on Twitter and Facebook trending was also filled with Aastha Gill’s DJ Waley Babu. We wish such more success for her and hope she will continue to deliver more fantastic stuff in future.

5. Song Video-

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