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Annalu Cardoso Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about Brazilian model

Annalu Cardoso Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about Brazilian model– Recently it is reported that Tyga cheated on Kylie as model claims that she slept with rapper while reality star ‘was out of the country’. This news has just dropped a bomb in the media and all are excited to know the details about Annalu the brazilian model who slept with Tyga.

Annalu Cardoso, 23, claims that she and rapper Tyga secretly continued their relationship and Kylie was unaware about it. Here are some unknown facts about her.

1.Annalu Cardoso: Profile Information-

Annalu Cardoso wiki

  • Name- Annalu Cardoso
  • Age- 23 years
  • Occupation- Model
  • Nationality- Brazilian
  • Relationship- Tyga
  • Instagram-ID


Sources told the publication, however, that Annalu and Tyga met on the set of one of his music videos in 2014 and they would get together when the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was ‘out of the country.’

A source added that the model and the musician began texting in December 2014 and she later appeared on an episode of his MTV2 show, Kingin’ with Tyga.

From- News

3.Instagram Account-

@ohrangutang @cristinapilo

A photo posted by Annalu (@annaluyzacardoso) on

Car selfie ?⚡️

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