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Wuz Good Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about Youtube star

Wuz Good Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about Youtube star- Video star Wuz good whose real name is Wesley Armstrong is a rising star and have a good fan following on all social media platforms. He has tie up with number of established Vine stars and makes some really really cool funny videos. Wuz good collaborates with Page KennedyAnwar Jibawi, Lance Stewart and Arantza fahnbulleh and creates masterpiece together. 

He is a 31 years old Youtube star have been into large number of funny videos who got millions of views. Here are some unknown facts and details about this Youtube and Vine star.

1. Wuz Good: Personal Profile Information-

wuz good bio

  • Name- Wuz good
  • Real name- Wesley Armstrong
  • Occupation- Vine star, Youtube Videos Star, Actor, Director, Producer
  • Born-April 24, 1984
  • From-California
  • AGE-31 years old
  • Interests- Karate, Acting

2. Contact Information-

3. Early Life-

In Japan, he received two Black Belts, one in Okinawan Kempo Karate and the other in Olympic Style Taekwondo. Back in the US, he attended West Texas A&M University and eventually Full Sail University where he developed his film-making skills.

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4. Video Partners-

God bless him. We wish for his good career.

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