Lauren orlando Wiki, Biography, Age, Videos and facts about Youtube Star

Lauren orlando Wiki, Biography, Age, Videos and facts about Youtube Star– Lauren orlando is a little 11 years old Youtube star viral these days due to her viral videos among the social media. Her Youtube Channel have 100k+ followers and people are just enjoying her video. She was just 7 years old when she started to create videos. Her big brother Johnny Orlando is also in the same business. 

Lauren and her her brother are performing amazingly good on social media and have a good fan following too. They are just a tough competitor of Jacob sartorius . Here are some ofthe facts and details about Lauren orlando.

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1.Lauren orlando: Personal profile Information-

lauren orlando wiki

  • Name- Lauren orlando
  • Birthday- November 6, 2004
  • Age- 11 years
  • Birth- Canada
  • Siblings-  Johnny Orlando
  • Parents- No Info available

2.Contact Details-

Here are some of the contact information of these kids.

  • Youtube-Channel
  • Facebook-No
  • Instagram-ID
  • Email [email protected]
  • Twitter- Profile

3.Current Fan following and Status-

Most of her videos are getting approximately 50k views on average and performing good on social media. Her brother gets featured in every video of her and vice versa. But the treasure lies behind as their parents helps them out and make them understand how to behave in media.

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