Piques Wiki, Biography,Full name and Unknown Facts about Vine Star

Jon Paul Piques Wiki, Biography,Full name and Unknown Facts about Vine Star– Jon Paul Piques popularly known as Piques is an American successful Vine star and have over 3 million followers on social media. He is the star who have promoted himself in each and every platform of social media i.e ( Facebook, Vine, Instagram and others). His few acts with Anwar Jibawi and Arantza Fahnbulleh are been loved by the fans. 

He became viral in April 2014 and after that he is just making his fan following mad about him. Here are some of the unknown facts about him.

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1.Piques : Personal Profile-

jon paul piques

  • Name- Jon Paul Piques
  • DOB-June 30, 1987
  • From-Canada
  • AGE-28 years old
  • Height- 6″3″
  • Occupation- Vine star
  • Nationality- Canadian

2.Contact details-

  • Business: [email protected]
  • Facebook- jonpaulpiques
  • Instagram: @piques_
  • Twitter: @Piques15
  • Snapchat: @Piques
  • Vine: Piques


  1. Hist first Viral video was- “That moment when your fav part of the song comes on” on April 10, 2014.
  2. He was the Vine sensation in 2014 and than he sfifted his interest towards facebook and now he have a good Asian fan following too.
  3. His girlfriend information is not leaked yet.
  4. His co-stars like Anwar Jibawi and Arantza Fahnbulleh has also created a decent fan following working with him.

Hope you loved it.

We wish for his bright and succesful future.

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