Kamlesh Tiwari Profile Details|Hindu Mahasabha chief Gets in Trouble

Kamlesh Tiwari Profile Details|Hindu Mahasabha chief Gets in Trouble after he gave his statement against the Prophet Mohammed. As a result of this close to one lakh Muslims gathered in communally sensitive Muzaffarnagar to protest against him. The protestors demanded the death penalty for Tiwari and asked for a stricter law against hate speech according to TOI. Here is the available profile information about Kamlesh Tiwari. 

Here is the full available details about this controversial leader Kamlesh Tiwari and some of his past viral incidents too.

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Profile Information-

  • Name- Kamlesh Tiwari
  • Occupation- Leader Hindu mahasabha
  • Viral due to- Comments against Prophet Mohammed
  • In Trouble against- 1 Lakh Muslim people

Latest News-

“Kamlesh Tiwari has offended Muslims across India and he needs to be punished. We cannot hear any such words against our Prophet. The sentiments of Muslims should be respected. We demand that action be taken against Tiwari at the earliest. This kind of venom cannot be allowed to spread in society,” said Haji Ehsaan, a leader of the Ittehad-e-Mliiat, a Muzaffarnagar-based Islamic organization.

Twitter Messages-

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  1. Don’t hurt to any religion sentiments. India is a democratic country. Every one have a right to live in India. India welcomes all religious under one roof. But there is no right to speak aginst any religious.

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