Baaby Ariel

Baby Ariel Wiki, Biography and Unknown facts about star

Baby Ariel Wiki, Biography and Unknown facts about star– A little girl 15 years old girl from florida is just breaking all the records with her youtube videos. She is a star and have huge number of followers all over the internet. In her you tube channel she guides her fans how to make a video and uploads her sweet and cute videos too. 

She has above 3 million followers on her different social media account and scaling towards the most popular kid celebrity in the world. Her youtube channel have over 350k subscribers now. Here are some of the unknown facts about Baby Ariel star.

1.Baby Ariel: Cuter than Ariel Doll-

Baaby Ariel

A lot more people compare her with Ariel Doll, but she is definitely more beautiful and cute than her. Another member of her family KingJacob8 who is little brother of Ariel also have over 300k followers on internet.

2. Personal profile Information-

Her dad is from Panama and my mom was born in New Jersey and grandparents are from Israel, Cuba, Spain, and Panama.

  • Name- Baby Ariel
  • Occupation- star
  • Siblings- KingJacob8
  • DOB- November 22, 2000
  • Birthplace- Florida
  • Age- 15 years
  • Boyfriend- Zach Clayton aka BruhItsZach

3. Contact Details-

You can contact with her on following platforms-

4. Best Videos-

Her Fans love her eyes, Long and well maintained nails and her sweet smile.

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