Brighton Thompson bio

Brighton Thompson Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about Reed Robertson’s fiance

Brighton Thompson Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about Reed Robertson’s fiance “Duck Dynasty star” -We have a good news for all¬†Reed Robertson’s fan and Guess what..? ūüėõ Your favorite Duck Dynasty star is engaged yesterday with his girlfriend¬†Brighton Thompson. In a latest viral pic he is seen gifting a 3 carat ring to his fiance¬†Brighton Thompson. With this few requests about details of Brighton is received and here is the complete explanation.

Brighton Thompson who is just 19 years old British girl gets hitched with him with their families, in a very Romantic way. Here is the complete information and details about the couple.

1.Brighton Thompson: Daughter of Star Breather-

Brighton Thompson bio

She describes herself with daughter of Star Breather in al of her Social media profiles. She is a lively girl and love to get around her love Reed Robertson. Latest leaked image of the couple describes their relationship i.e a very cosy and understanding.

2. Personal details-

  • Name- ¬†Brighton Thompson
  • Age- 20 years
  • Fiance- Reed Robertson
  • Engagement- December 2015
  • From-¬†Rayville, Louisiana
  • Education-¬†Harding University

3.Contact Information-

  • Twitter-link
  • Instagram-Profile
  • Email-¬†
  • Facebook Sale Group-¬†FB

4.In News-

Brighton Thompson and Reed robertson
Brighton Thompson and Reed robertson

Reed Robertson, 20, has proposed to his girlfriend.
The Duck Dynasty star popped the question to Brighton Thompson, 19, in New York City’s Central Park on Tuesday during a family vacation.He posted a Picture with his Fiance and a superb caption-‘I couldn’t be more excited to marry this amazing woman. My fianc√© is a babe in every way (sic),’

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Congrats to the couple.

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