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JC Caylen Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about Youtube Star

JC Caylen Wiki, Biography, Girlfriend and Unknown Facts about Youtube Star– JC Caylen who is a successful youtube star and have been featured on number of big web portals is been one of the most searched celebrities on the Internet. He is a 23 years successful star and his name have been linked with Lia Marie Johnson several number of times. 

He started number of you tube channels and out of them the most successful was KianAndJc is been most followed. With this we are having a huge list of people searching about the star and here is the complete introduction.

1. JC Caylen: Personal Profile-

jc caylen wiki

  • Name- JC Caylen
  • Full Name- Justin Cloud Caylen
  • DOB_-September 11, 1992
  • From-San Antonio, TX
  • AGE-23 years old
  • Occupation- You tube star
  • Girlfriend-Lia Marie Johnson

2.Contact details-

3. Famous Videos-

4.Unknown Facts-

  • His parents are divorced when he was very young.
  • He has 3 siblings, 2 sisters named as Jaylyn and Ava Grace and a brother named Joe Felix.
  • His name Justin Caylen Castillo was changed to Justin Cloud Caylen for unknown reasons.
  • His Basic Genre is comedy on youtube.

These days he is less active on social media like Facebook, Vine etc and he is just focussing on Youtube and creating a huge fan following there.

5. Achievements-

His most proud achievements is winning a Teen Choice awards for Choice web star awards in comedy niche and has been nominated in number of other contests too.

Apart from this he has aproximately 10 million followers combined on social media and this makes him one of the most followed vine.

His popularity is not less than young star Jacob sartorius in any way.

Good luck to him. Comment below if you have more information regarding him.

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