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John Reed Loflin Rebecca Robertson’s Fiance Wiki, Biography and Unknown facts

John Reed Loflin Rebecca Robertson’s Fiance Wiki, Biography and Unknown facts- Latest news from the media is out and it is about Duck Dynasty star Rebecca Robertson who got engaged with her long time boyfriend Johnreed Loflin. With this a huge number of searches have been arised in market regarding the details of her boyfriend Johnreed Loflin.

Rebecca who is just 27 years old is engaged to John Reed who is of 29 years of age. She posted a caption on Instagra, with text- ‘Our story starts here…I said yes to my best friend for life.’ Here are the more facts about John Reed Loflin.

1.John Reed Loflin: Personal Profile-

John Reed Loflin wiki

  • Name- John Reed Loflin
  • Age- 29 years
  • Fiance- Rebecca Robertson
  • Engagement Venue-  Perdido Key Beach, Florida
  • Interests- Music

2.Contact Information-

3. Too Much Romantic

“We go pretty often, and one of our favorite things to do at the beach is to go treasure hunting — aka looking for shells, and we keep score, too! — so we went on what I thought was our typical treasure hunt around sunset,” She told to ET.

4. Engagement Announcement-


Our story starts here ??

A photo posted by Johnreed Loflin (@johnreedloflin) on

Rebecca shared a photo of the ring, along with a Polaroid of the two kissing, which she placed inside a scrapbook.
She captioned the picture: ‘After long time of patiently searching, I found the ultimate gem. Jeremiah 29:11.’
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Congrats to the couple and If you have more information regarding John kindly comment below with your information.

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