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Kristen Hancher Wiki, Biography, Age and Unknown facts about girl

Kristen Hancher Wiki, Biography, Age and Unknown facts about girl– One of the top Muser of 2016 who is leading the leaderboard from past few days along with Jacob sartorius is Kristen Hancher. She is the most beautiful star at the moment and getting a lot of hearts each day. She is already having 534k followers on Instagram and definitely this number is gonna multiply in future.

Her Fan following on 3.5 Million on justifies this fact itself. Each and every video is getting more than 250k hearts and this is really a big achievement. Here are few unknown facts about her.

Kristen Hancher: Personal Profile-

kristen hancher bio

  • Name- Kristen Hancher
  • Occupation- star and Social media personality
  • DOB-April 9, 1999
  • From-Canada
  • Height- 5’8″ (approx)
  • AGE-16 years old

2.Contact details-

  • Phone number- N/A
  • Instagram-kristenhancher
  • Snapchat- kristen_hancher
  • Youtube- Channel
  • @kristenhancher

3. star turning into Bikini Model-

In one of the Post of her Instagram Account, she can be seen wearing black Bikini and sharing poses. With this, she has been appearing in the number of other Commercial Advertisements projects too. Here is the post taken from her Instagram profile-

#tb to when I could wear a bikini without becoming an ice cube?

A photo posted by Kristen Hancher (@kristenhancher) on


4. Rapid Success-

She joined app in August 2015 and within few months she is one of the most followed muser and getting a good engagement of users too.

Apart from this, she is also good at Acting, Dancing and outdoor games like Soccer. She has been raised in Canada and her success meter has not stopped since she started her journey.

5. Competitors-

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