Melanie Martins

Melanie Martins Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about Ronaldo’s new girlfriend

Melanie Martins Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about Ronaldo’s new girlfriend– Cristiano Ronaldo who is always in the news due to his Girlfriend’s and Game skills is again on the cards. This time he is reported to get in love with Portuguese-French model Melanie Martins. Martin who is a former Miss Universe finalist and a social media freak is ben viral over the internet now. 

Melanie Martins is a Model as well as Blogger and also is a owner of a personal website Many of the Ronaldo fans are looking for a complete profile details of Melani Martins and here is the complete information.

1. Melanie Martins: Personal profile Information-

Melanie Martins

Personal Information-

  • Name- Melanie Martins
  • Occupation- Model, Blogger
  • Hobbies- Travelling
  • Age-approx. 30
  • Title- Miss Universe Contestant

2.Contact Information-

You can contact this model on following profiles-

3. Business Minded Model-

She is a business minded model as well. A perfect combination of beauty with brain. Melanie Martins sells Lingerie products as an affiliate too.

4. Travelling Freak-

She loves travelling all around the world. In a latest interview she revealed that her first trip was to Morocco when she was just 17 and there after she had continued to visit the world.

Till today she has visited over 30 Countries and cover others in the upcoming time.

Talking about her goal- It is Simple and is – “For me, the most important goal in life is to actually live it. I want to Explore, Travel and Feel.”


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