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Miss Mulatto Wiki, Biography, Age, Real Name and facts about Rapper

Miss Mulatto Wiki, Biography, Age, Real Name, Phone number and facts about Rapper (Broken Record Player singer)- 17 years old Alyssa Michelle Stephens is a rapper who have performed on few hit songs like Crush. She is famous from her On screen name Miss Mulatto and is ruling social media with her skills. Number of times she has been picked as winner for music awards like Georgia Music Awards.

Apart from Singing she is good at writing and promoting her content too. When ever you will go through his social media profiles you will find few impressive strategies to get viral. Here are few more unknown details about her.

1.Miss Mulatto: Personal profile Information-

miss mulatto wiki

  • Name- Miss Mulatto
  • Real name- Alyssa Michelle Stephens
  • Occupation- Rapper, musician, writer, entrepreneur, and promoter
  • DOB-December 22, 1998
  • From-Ohio
  • AGE-17 years old
  • Siblings- Brooklyn

2.Contact information-

3.Latest Hit (Broken Record Player)-

Her latest hit song- Broken Record Player is already on the rise these days and have received almost 40k hits within few hours of uploading on youtube. Apart from this she keeps on releasing few latest songs and her fans are mad to download and interpret lyrics of her songs.

Broken Record player is directed by @Ron21hoops and produced By @stevienickxx.

These days she is concentrating on making her hashtag #MulaMob viral.

4.Winner of “The Rap Game”-

On (Feb. 19, 2016), the 16-year-old Atlanta MC was crowned the season 1 winner of Lifetime’s The Rap Game (a competition for young rhymers on the ATL hip-hop scene) executive produced by Jermaine Dupri and Queen Latifah.


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