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Neels Visser Wiki, Biography, Contact details and Unknown facts about Model

Neels Visser Wiki, Biography, Contact Phone number details and Unknown facts about Model- Neels Visser who is a successful model and a very good DJ is viral these days due to his videos and his fans especially girls are a fan of his cuteness. Neels who have a good number of fan following on Twitter and Instagram keeps posting his videos on Vine and Youtube and thus competing with few top stars and Youtube sensations. 

He keeps on posting his images with co-star Alissa_violet and both of them share a good relationship bond with each other. No- No- No- not more than that. Here are few facts and details about Neels Visser.

1. Neels Visser : Profile Information-

neels visser

  • Name- Neels Visser
  • Occupation- Model, Internet sensation
  • DOB- September 26, 1998
  • From-Arizona
  • AGE-17 years old
  • Girlfriend- No
  • Co-star- Alissa_violet

2. Contact Details-

3. Facts-

  1. Neels is a multi-talented guy and is good in Modelling, Vine creation, DJ. He has also worked in father’s company in the medical industry.
  2. He attended Corona del Mar High School.
  3. His blue eyes are proving to be a killer thing to make girls fan of him and fans keeps on posting status appreciating his looks.

We will be updating more information regarding him in future.

Good luck to him. Comment below with your thoughts.

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