Snezana Markoski and sam Wood

Snezana Markoski Wiki,Biography| Unknown Facts about Sam Wood Fiance

Snezana Markoski Wiki,Biography| Unknown Facts about Sam Wood Fiance information will be shared here. According to latest information Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski announce engagement on social media following romantic Tasmanian family holiday. Sam Wood who is know for “The Bachelor” edition have a great fan following and his fans are interested about this Engagement news and information.

Snezana Markoski who is a personal Trainer and the lady luck for Sam Wood was viral in the start of the serial when Heather maltman started romancing with Sam. Here is the available information about this couple. Here are some of the Unknown facts about Snezana Markoski.

1. Snezana Markoski: Mother of One Kid-

Snezana Markoski and sam Wood

She was married to Jeson Repoff before and also had one kid from him too. She took divorce from him few years ago and her Kid Daughter Eve is already 10 years old. This just satisfies the fact that- “LOVE IS BLIND”.

When she was in the show The Bachelor her husband information was also shared on the media too. He was a drug addict and they seperated in 2005.

2. Personal Profile Information/ Surgery details –

  • Name: Snezana Markoski
  • Viral from- Ther Bachelor
  • Occupation: Sales Rep
  • Children: 1 daughter, Eve ( 10 years)
  • Ex-Husband: Jason Repoff
  • From: Perth, Australia
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Surgery Information- No
  • Engaged with- Sam Wood

3. Engagement with Sam Wood-

The couple, who have been holidaying with Sam’s family in Tasmania, were enjoying some alone time with Snezana’s ten-year-old daughter Eve on the East coast of the island.

Snezana shared a snap to Instagram on Sunday similarly on top of a mountain with the same view below, while staying at Saffire Freycinet 5 star hotel, overlooking Wine Glass Bay.

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