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Krishna Gokani Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about TV Actress

Krishna Gokani aka Dr.Diya Dushyant of Woh Teri Bhabhi Hain Pagle Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about TV Actress-Real name of Dr.Diya Dushyant is Krishna Gokani of Woh Teri Bhabhi Hain Pagle and is now been one of most searched girl on Internet these days. Reason is she is going to appear in the new comedy show on SAB TV starring Ather Habib and Ali Asgar as Dr. Ranbeer (a fake Heart Surgeon) & Nathu Nakabandi (a fake Patient). 

Requests about her complete profile details will be shown here to you and hope that you will find this acording to your search. Here are some unknown facts about Krishna Gokani.

1.Krishna Gokani: Personal Profile-

Krishna Gokani Wiki
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  • Name- Krishna Gokani
  • Occupation- Actress
  • Upcoming serial- Woh Toh Teri Bhabhi Hain Pagle
  • Role- Dr. Diya Dushyant (Physiatrist)
  • Other serials- ‘Hamari Devrani’, ‘Gulaal’ and ‘Looteri Dulhan’

2. Contact details-

  • Twitter-Channel
  • Facebook- Unknown

3. Career-

She has been appeared in number of serials like Krishna Gokani as Bhakti Mohan Nanavati in ‘Hamari Devrani’. Apart from this she has been appeared in serials like ‘Gulaal’ and ‘Looteri Dulhan’ and Gujarati comedy show ‘1760 Sasuma’.

She is been out of the TV Industry from last 4 years and finally after a long gap she is enjoying her come back with this SAB TV show.

4.Weight Loss-

Krishna is in complete different avatar after loosing 15 kgs last year and she talked to a channel and said- “I want to look very different from what I used to be. It is like taking another birth. I have worked really very hard for it and it’s worth it.”

5. In Wo Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle-

Woh Toh Teri Bhabhi Hain Pagle’ is a romantic comedy show based on a love triangle between Dr.Diya Dushyant (Physiatrist), Dr. Ranbeer (a fake Heart Surgeon) & Nathu Nakabandi (a fake Patient) enacted by Krishna Gokani, Ather Habib and Ali Asgar respectively. It will aired on SAB TV from 18th january 2015.

wo teri bhabhi hai pagle

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