Tres and Vanessa

Tres Russell and Vanessa Nelson Wiki, Biography Info| Married at First Sight

Tres Russell and Vanessa Nelson Wiki, Biography Info| Married at First Sight couple – Tres and Vanessa are the most loved couple of the Reality TV show Married at first sight. Since they have first met they are in controversy as in last episode Vanessa revealed her feelings about her Tres that he seems playboy to her. This was a really tense conversation after wedding.

Tres replied to her that Yes, he dated many girls and he would not lie to Vanessa on this. So its definitely hard to let these feeling aside and concentrate on further proceedings of the show.

Tres and Vanessa

Here are some of the important facts about this couple Tres and Vanessa.

1. Tres Russell and Vanessa Nelson Sweet Conversation over Twitter –

2. Personal profile Information/ Past Relations-

Personal Information about Tres Russell-

  • Name- Tres Russsell
  • From- Atlanta, GA
  • Instagram- Account
  • Viral From- Married at First sight
  • Twitter-Account

Personal Information about Vanessa Nelson-

  • Name- Vanessa Nelson
  • From- Atlanta, GA
  • Twitter- Account
  • Instagram- Not available

3. Controversy-

They just get in love with each other first ever meeting they have done and this was not bearable to the others .

During episode three of FYI’s reality TV social experiment “Married at First Sight,” reality set in for the three arranged couples as they each spent their first nights together and embarked on their honeymoons. Vanessa Nelson was off-put by her husband Tres Russell’s playboy past.


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