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Varun Pruthi 5 Unknown Facts about Inspiring Social Media star

Varun Pruthi 5 Unknown Facts about Inspiring Social Media star- Varun Pruthi who is expert Social Experimental Videos inspiring youth to help others and do good deeds information will be shared here. Varun Pruthi is an actor, director, producer, editor and dancer and he has got training in acting and dance from Hollywood California. He had taken 4 years of Intensive Training in Acting. 

Varun has worked in many commercials, advertisements, Music videos and short films. He came in limelight when he conducted some social experiments to raise awareness of the bystander effect in Indian Society. For those who haven’t heard of the bystander effect. It means that when someone is in a particularly dangerous situation most people’s natural reaction is to ignore and move on with their own lives rather than provide aid to the victim.

Here is the top facts about Real Life Hero Varun Pruthi-

1. Varun Pruthi- A Multitalented Guy-

Varun Pruthi

He is not only a normal social media star but have some unique abilities of Acting, Dancing and producing. Inspite of getting chance in Shahrukh Khan-Deepika’s movie Happy New Year, he continue to work on social experiments and inspiring the youth to help the needy ( Not beggars). This is because he wants to help the people who are fighting in life against the situation not the loosers who just admitted it and choosing a way towards begging.

Reason I am tagging him as a Multitalented Guy because he is extremely good at other activies too. He had taken 4 years of Intensive Training in Acting. He is trained in many dance styles like Hip Hop, Popping-Locking, Robotic and waving. He is also a Fitness freak and loves workout.

2. Let’s Talk about his Personal Information-

Varun Pruthi Full Wiki, Biography, Career, Social Profiles

Varun Pruthi is from Delhi. He has also recently won a contest that fetched him the opportunity to star in Shahrukh Khan-Deepika movie Happy New Year. Varun and his team have previously produced certain other inspiring videos on social issues, all of which have received amazing responses. This one gained coverage on some big media platforms like Yahoo India, Red FM and Headlines Today.

Personal profile-

  • Full Name: Varun Pruthi
  • Occupation: Actor, Director, Producer, Editor and Dancer
  • City: Delhi
  • Currently Work: Happy New Year
  • Topics- Humanity,Social awareness

3. Where to Follow him-

Varun Prithi’s experiment is trying to raise awareness to this issue within India to make a difference to the society. His videos are trending on BBC as they are quite revealing and shocking experiments of the society we live in. One of his videos which titles, the Brave Heart Humanity Experiment, highlights him dripping in blood asking for help on the main road without anyone offering help. This is a classic case of bystander effect. It is dedicated to the true story of Nirbhaya, the brave heart.

Social Profiles:



Youtube Channel- Youtube

4.Increasing Popularity-

Varun Pruthi is viral due to a simple reason.. That he is regular in posting new videos and keeps his audience engaged with him. With this he has got millions of fans supporting from all parts across the country. His FB page already stands on the verge of crossing Record likes and his videos are circulated across whatsapp world too.

5. Top Videos-

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  1. Hiiii Dear varun sir I have seen your all your videos really I could not stop my tears .you are unbeleable person in this 21 century I salute you how often I saw your videos can’t tell I do appricite I wish if I had your no I definitely ask you to be the part of your next videos why I am saying because I also do this activity which you are doing but difference I do in very small level it I have money like 50 and if I see any of needy for 20 rupees then I dont mine to give .if I am in hurry gets any one who require my few time then I don’t think give my time if I could do something with you please give me chance .09953544352..

  2. Jayswaminarayan varun bhai I don’t know what to say what u r doing to help all this people old or young it’s fantastic some times I m thinking just like this when ever I come to india to help needy people atleast what they are doing is great they just not sit and watch but doing something to get by thank u for what you are doing this is what I say.s humanity god help you n strength to carry on jayswaminarayan

  3. वारून पुरूथी एक अच्छा इंसान है … मेरी भी सोच इसी तरह .है …मै वारून पुरूथी भाईजान से मिलना चाहता हूँ …मेरा सम्पर्क नं 9080194025

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