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Yulema Ramirez Wiki, Biography, Clothing Line, Age, Fight and Facts

Yulema Ramirez ( Yuleema Imaginee) Wiki, Biography, Clothing Line, Age, Fight and Facts about Musical.ly star- Musical.ly star Yulema Ramirez from California who became viral with her Dub videos and Youtube Channel is an Internet sensation these days. She started with a channel named as Stonecoldbabe where few fight videos of her was seen thousands of time. Now she is working on her youtube channel Yuleema Imaginee and it has collected decent number of subscribers too. 

Yulema is of Mexican descent and was born in California. Here are few more details and unknown facts about Yulema Ramirez shown to you.

1. Yulema Ramirez: Personal Profile Information-

yulema ramirez wiki

  • Name- Yulema ramirez
  • Descent- Mexican
  • Occupation- Internet personality, Musical.ly star
  • DOB- September 12, 1997
  • From- California
  • AGE-18 years old
  • Popular names- Yuleema Imaginee or babygirlulee
  • Height- Unknown

2. Contact Details-

3. Early career-

She started her career with Tumblr blog stonecoldbabe and than started her channel Yuleema Imaginee and mostly shares few beauty tips there. Till now she is having a good online presence and have collected approximate 350k subsribers on social media.

4. Competitors-

Alike all the stars she has a good competition too with Musical.ly stars and Vine sensations. Few of the top stars who have same fan following as her are-

5. Videos-

Famous Fight Video-

Famous Makeup Tutorials-

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