ZaidAliT Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about Funny Video star

ZaidAliT Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about Funny Video star,Wife,Girlfriend|Entertainer Profile InfoI came to know about this superb Entertainer via Twitter and Facebook where he has shared his special and unique videos. I watched his Happy fathers day video and was really impressed upon this. This make me feel so happy and crazy about this passionate guy.

Finally i decided to cover his life and give him a Chance to get Noticed in search engine too. Here I will try to cover entire details about him and these details are picked up from his social profile. Let’s dig in the life of this Great Entertainer and hope it will made your day. Here are some of the facts about ZaidAliT.

1.ZaidAliT : Personal profile Information-


  • Original Name-  Zaid Ali
  • Born-  2 July 1995
  • Email id-
  • Niche- Humor
  • Marital Status- Single

2. Contact Information-

3. Videos Niche-

He is having a huge number of Indian and International fans and mostly works on Indian and Punjabi Niche and is known for making funny and meaningful Videos which are loved and shared by His fans. Some of his videos is with another Video star Shahveer jafry and when they are together a masterpiece is created.

He is a 19 year old who wants to die as someone who changed people’s perspectives and made people smile.


If you have more information about this star comment below and we will add in his biography too.

As he is too young he Only have ladies fans and No wife.

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