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Ambia Sohrab Wiki, Biography and Facts about a boy who killed IAF official

Ambia Sohrab Wiki, Biography and Facts about a boy who killed IAF official– On January 13th 2016 in Kolkata, an IAF official “Corporal Abhimanyu Gaud” who worked as drill instructor in Indian Air force was killed by a speeding car of Ambia Sohrab who is the son of a TMC leader in Kolkata. Police was supposed to arrest the criminal but he has not been arrested yet despite of more 3 days of the death.

Mamata Banerjee ordered strict action on this case but still no arrest is been done by Police. With this everyone is looking for Ambia Sohrab and here are few details about him.

1.Ambia Sohrab: Personal profile-

ambia sohrab wiki

  • Name- Ambia sohrab
  • From- Kolkata
  • Accused of – Killing a IAF officer in Road accident
  • Father- Md Sohrab (Ex- MLA of Burrabazar from RJD )
  • Party- Trinamool Congress
  • Car involved in Accident- Audi Q7
  • Brother- Sambia and Tousiff


Ambia is accused of killing Corporal Abhimanyu Gaud with his brand new white Audi which broke three guard rails and barged into the parade rehearsal on Red Road at about 6.30 AM.

After the accident the whole family is missing and no action is been taken yet. Social media and local people are now demanding the the arrest of Ambia with suitable actions.

3.Rich Kids with Bad habits-

Last year Sohrab had hit the manager of a discotheque on Park Street and threatened them saying his “father is an ex-MLA and now a Trinamool leader”.

Profile Link- ambia.sohrab.5


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