Lt Col Niranjan Wiki, Biography and Facts about NSG Officer

Lt Col Niranjan Kumar Wiki, Biography and Facts about NSG Officer Martyred in Pathankot Terror Attack details will be shown here. Its almost 3rd day, tThe these terrorist operation is ongoing in Pathankot and still search operation is been carried out. Lt Col Niranjan was brought to his Bengaluru home on Sunday night. Last rites for the martyred officer will be performed in his hometown Palakkad in Kerala today.

Here is the some more basic information about the brave soldier who sacrificed his life for the safety of Indians. We salute this brave soul. Here is the basic information about him.

1. Lt Col Niranjan: The Real Hero-

Most of the time we just misinterpret the definition of Hero and thinks that film stars and bollywood stars are the Hero’s, But remember they are Reel life hero and officers like Lt Col Niranjan are real life Hero.

Lieutenant Colonel Niranjan Kumar

Lt. Col. Kumar, a bomb disposal expert, was killed on Sunday morning while defusing a grenade after terrorists attacked an Indian Air Force base in Punjab’s Pathankot.

2.Basic details-

  • Name-Niranjan Kumar
  • Rank- Lieutenant Colonel
  • Age- 34 years
  • From- Palakkad in Kerala
  • Wife- Dr KG Radhika
  • Kids- 1 Daughter
  • Father- EK Sivaranjan

The officer’s father EK Sivaranjan brought his son’s body, wrapped in the Indian Tricolour, to Bengaluru, where the family has lived for many years. “From the beginning, he was very much interested to join the Army,” Mr Sivaranjan said.

3. Twitter Salutes the Hero-

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