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Aditya Lal: Some Important facts about Mira Rajput’s Ex-Boyfriend

Aditya Lal: Some Important facts about Mira Rajput’s Ex-Boyfriend-First of all we wish a very happy married life to Shahid and Meera kapoor and hope that you all have enjoyed the luxury marriage too. But person who are digging for Meera Rajput profile also wants to know about details of her ex-boyfriend Aditya lal. Sources say that Meera and Aditya were very close to each other and there images shows and justifies the fact with same thing. 

Here are some of the important images and facts about Aditya Lal.

1. Aditya Lal Personal Profile-

Meera rajput ex boyfriend Aditya lal

Personal profile-

  • Name- Aditya lal
  • Age- 24
  • Ex-Girlfriend- Mira rajput
  • Occupation- Student
  • Graduation from- SRCC

2. Graduation and Life-

Aditya lal bio

Incidentally, Aditya- an SRCC graduate, who went onto work with Coca Cola also has a picture with Kareena Kapoor, who is Shahid Kapoor’s ex-flame.

Though the reason for Aditya and Mira’s breakup is not known, the flamboyant Aditya definitely lost to Shahid in the game of love. Here’s a look at some pictures of this handsome Delhi boy, who missed the opportunity of becoming Mira’s mister.

Some Images of Aditya lal-

Aditya lal wiki

Aditya lal

But we would like to say that Bad Luck Aditya.. Don’t loose hope brother..

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Gossip Done.. Bye Bye.. 😀


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1 thought on “Aditya Lal: Some Important facts about Mira Rajput’s Ex-Boyfriend

  1. Aditya Lal is not a looser here.. he’s already enjoyed and left her after getting everything.. looser is Shahid Kapoor.. who’s trying to be happy with half eaten..:-)

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