Chris Carney Tiffany Thronton's Husband

Chris Carney 5 facts to know about Tiffany Thornton’s Husband

Chris Carney 5 facts to know about Tiffany Thornton’s Husband including his wiki biography details will be shared here. He is viral today due to a very sad reason after he died in single car accident in his home state of Arkansas. Chris Carney was just 35 years of age. Chris carney aka Christopher Carney was married to Tiffany in 2011 and the couple have 2 cute kids. In this saddening and disturbing time his family is in shock and in deep trouble.

He was announced dead on the site when his car flew off the road and wrecked into the tree. Chris was declared dead at the moment. Chris carney was on the Reality show “twentyfourseven,” and was the lead singer of the group Prom Kings. Chris and Tiffany — star of “Sonny with a Chance”

Here is the information we know so fa about Chris Carney-

1.Husband of Tiffany Thornton-

Chris Carney in 2011 got married with American Actress Tiffany Thornton. Tiffany along with acting is well known name in Radio casting and singing. Tiffany is famous as Disney star in Sonny with a Chance and the spinoff, So Random! This beautiful couple have two sweet kids named as Kenneth James Carney and Bentley Cash Carney. Here is the beautiful image of the couple.

Chris Carney Tiffany Thronton's Husband

2. MTV reality Show Twentyfourseven 2006 –

Chris was on MTV Reality show Twentyfourseven and was the lead singer of The Prom Kings. Twentyfourseven was a a documentary-style reality show on MTV that documented the lives of seven male friends seeking fame and fortune in Hollywood. This already got awesome fan following with this too. Twentyfourseven have a decent IMDB ratings too. Show was aired on TV in 2006.

twentyfourseven mtv

3. Car Accident in Arkansas-

He died in November 2015 when his car flew off the road and crashed in a road side tree. Within few minuted he was announced died. His car crashed at Highway 70 in Hot Springs. They wrecked early Friday morning when their car flew off the road while going around a bend and slammed into a tree. At least one was ejected from the car, which was driven by Blanton.

Chris carney car accident

4. Twitter RIP Alerts-

His Twitter ID- Twitter

RIP Chris Carney. Post your comments below.

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