Jack Lopresti bio

Jack Lopresti Wiki, Biography and Facts about Tory MPs Andrea Jenkyns Boyfriend

Jack Lopresti Wiki, Biography and Facts about Tory MPs Andrea Jenkyns Boyfriend– According to the latest reports Tory MPs Andrea Jenkyns admitted the relationship with Jack Lopresti. Few moments back they were caught kissing each other on Railway platform. Mr. Lopesti who is 46 years of age is a married person and father 3 . He has also worked in his family ice cream business for over ten years.

With these affair news a huge list of people wants to know about their relationship and complete details about Andrea Jenkyns new boyfriend Jack Lopresti. Here are the available facts about this couple.

1.Jack Lopresti : Personal profile information-

Jack Lopresti bio

  • Name- Jack Loprest
  • Born 23 August 1969 (age 46)
  • Location-Southmead, Gloucestershire, England
  • Nationality -British
  • Children- 3
  • Political party- Conservative
  • Spouse(s) Lucy Lopresti
  • Current relationship with- Andrea Jenkyns

2.Relationship with Andrea Jenkyns-

This couple is said to be in relationship from last few weeks and seen few days before kissing each other at railway platform. Mr Lopresti is married to Lucy – daughter of Tory grandee Baron Cope of Berkeley, a former minister in John Major’s government – and they have two sons and a daughter.

3. News Reports-

Sources said Mr Lopresti he is “totally smitten” with Ms Jenkyns. He is said to have already moved into her London apartment and got a parking space there for his car.

A source said Ms Jenkyns was pressing him to end his marriage before Christmas but he was resisting and had told her he would end it shortly afterwards.

Credits- Mirror.co.uk

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