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Nihal Bitla Wiki,Biography and Facts about a boy having Progeria disease

Nihal Bitla Wiki,Biography and Facts about a boy having Progeria disease– Recently Bollywood superstar Aamir khan met with a boy Nihal Bitla who is suffering from Progeria disease an extremely rare genetic disorder ( same disease Amitabh Bachchan’s character in Paa had) . Aamir shared his photos on Social Media and everywhere it is getting viral and he getting good support too. Few days back Aamir Khan was been a victim of Social media hate when he gave a statement on Intolerance in India.

Now we will be sharing some information about Nihal Bitla and some of the unknown facts about him. Nihal Bitla one of the Main desire was

“I want to meet Aamir Khan and thank him for the movie Tare Zameen Par which gave me courage–but there’s not much progress on that one yet!”:

and this is completed today. Here are some of the facts regarding Nihal Bitla.

1.Nihal Bitla : Personal Profile Information-

Nihal Bitla

  • Name- Nihal Bitla
  • From- India
  • Age- 14 years
  • Fond of- Movies, Gaming
  • Disease- Progeria
  • Foundation-Progeria research

2. About Progeria Disease-

Children with progeria usually develop the first symptoms during their first few months of life. The earliest symptoms may include a failure to thrive and a localized scleroderma-like skin condition. As a child ages past infancy, additional conditions become apparent usually around 18–24 months.

Credits- Wikipedia

3.Active Facebook Page-

This was the FB post which he shared after meeting with Bollywood star Aamir Khan.

“Thank you Aamir uncle for making my dream come true. Your ‘Taare Zameen Par’ always inspired me to face adverse…

Posted by Team Nihal on Monday, 21 December 2015

4. Physically Challenged not Mentally-

From his Fb posts and his understanding about Movies it is certain that he is a winner and with his Foundation and he and his caretakers are making sure that nobody gets this disease. If any case of such is experienced than the instant treatments are done.

At last-

“Well Done Aamir”

Hope you found this helpful. Comment below with your thoughts about this little boy.

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