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Sophena Houlihan 17-year-old girl accuses Simon Danczuk with sexual messages

Sophena Houlihan Wiki, Biography 17-year-old girl gets accuses Simon Danczuk with sexual messages- Labour MP Simon Danczuk is accused by a 17 year old girl Sophena Houlihan with sexual messages. She claimed that Danczuk sent her messages like she wanted to be ‘spanked’ and told her he was ‘horny’ and aroused in a series of lewd messages, it was revealed today.

With this few of her images are out in the Internet and these are just Mind Bogling. To me this seems to be a strategic controversy to make her viral ( oops- NO OFFENCE ). Here are few images of Sophena Houlihan and complete case with Simon Danczuk.

1. Sophena Houlihan: Controversy

Sophena Houlihan wiki

Sophena Houlihan said she was targeted by the 49-year-old father-of-two after asking him for a job in his Rochdale constituency office.

2. IN News-

Mr Danczuk, who has campaigned against child abuse and outed Sir Cyril Smith as a paedophile, started sending texts in July, shortly after his split from his ‘selfie queen’ wife Karen, 32.
After offering advice on entering politics Miss Houlihan claims his messages over the following month became obscene, saying she was ‘cheeky’ and asking to ‘spank’ and ‘discipline’ her.

Credits- Dailymail

3. Twitter –

Note- There was a twitter with her name few days back with handle, but it seems to be deleted now.

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