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Dani Cimorelli Wiki, Biography and Unknown facts about Pop Singer

Dani Cimorelli Wiki, Biography and Unknown facts about Pop Singer– Famous as a member of Cimorelli sisters Dani is one of the most searched personality on the internet. People love to  search and read about her. Here are the complete details and information about Pop singer Dani Cimorelli. Her other 5 sisters Christina Cimorelli, Katherine Cimorelli, Lisa Cimorelli, Lauren Cimorelli, and Amy Cimorelli.

Here are few basic details about her. Dani became famous when she uploaded her first performance on youtube few years ago on Youtube.

Dani Cimorelli: Personal Profile-

dani cimorelli

  • Name- Dani Cimorelli
  • Occupation- Pop singer
  • DOB- June 15, 2000
  • From-California
  • AGE-15 years old
  • Label- Universal Music Island label
  • Sisters- Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Lauren and Amy

2. Contact Details-

3. Huge Fan following-

She has a huge list of fans following her on social media. In the age of 15 having around million unique fans on social media is always a big deal. She gained fame with Cimorelli for being the best group to cover Justin Bieber’s single “Baby” in the 2012 Bieber-Off.

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