DanTDM Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about Youtube star

DanTDM Daniel Middleton Wiki, Biography, Wife- Jemma middleton and Unknown Facts about Youtube star- Famous with his Youtube Channel TheDiamondMinecart DanTDM is one of the most social media star present on Internet. Alike Tobi Lerone he also shares his games video on Youtube and people are just crazy for his videos. With over 9 million subscribers on youtube, he is the one of the most active gamers online. 

He became an active Youtuber in 2012,  and after that he is constantly growing in this field. He also runs a website named as Here are few unknown facts and details about him.

1.DanTDM: Personal Profile Information-


  • Name- Daniel Middleton
  • Occupation- Youtube Star
  • DOB-November 8, 1991
  • BORN-England
  • AGE-24 years old
  • Famous as- TheDiamondMinecart
  • Games – Custom mod adventures, Roblox etc
  • Wife- Jemma middleton (JemPlaysMC)

2.Contact Information-

3. Success Story-

His brother introduced him to Minecraft and just after 2 years launching his channel he was able to get more than 2.5 million subscribers on youtube.  At the moment, he maintains one of the most successful Minecraft channel on youtube.

Middleton started a YouTube channel dedicated to Pokémon while at university, in which he called himself “PokemanDanLv45”. In 2012, Middleton created The Diamond Minecart, a more professional, children’s-focused gaming channel.

He married Jemma Middleton, AKA JemPlaysMC.

Here is the image of this beautiful couple.


We wish for his bright career.

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4 thoughts on “DanTDM Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about Youtube star

  1. I am Russlan from NY. I am 5years old and a huge fan of DanTdm. If I can get his phone number, I want to talk to him. My mom will give her email address so that you can send me the phone number. I appreciate you a lot.

    1. I am a big fan of you. My name is Greyson and am in the first grade. I wish we could be best friends, and I want to grow up to be just like you. Keep up the good work.

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