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Sulivan Gwed Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about Instagtram Star

Sulivan Gwed Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about Instagram Star- French social media star Sulivan Gewd who is just about to cross the 1 million fan following on Instagram is also active on Twitter, facebook and too. He is definitely giving a tough challenge to big fishes on the market like Jacob sartoriusMark thomas and others. Reason I think he has got good fan following is his cuteness. 

He became active in social media in 2014 and after that, he got active everywhere like, Younow, facebook etc. With this he is the one of the most followed french star on the social media. Here are few basic details and unknown facts about him.

1. Sulivan Gwed: Personal Profile Information-

sulivan gwed wiki

  • Name- Sulivan Gwed
  • Occupation- Social Media star
  • DOB- July 2, 2000
  • From-France
  • AGE-15 years old
  • Nationality- French
  • Hair color- Black
  • Height- 5’4″
  • Eyes- Black

2. Contact Information-

3. French Kid Creates History-

Whenever we talk about social media stars we have a list full of Asian countries and Unites states. But he is the guy who made his reputation of growing in the Country like France. We wish for his success in future.

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We will be updating more infromation about him soon.

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