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Mark Thomas ( Duhitzmark) Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts

Mark Thomas ( Duhitzmark) Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about the Instagram star– Mark Thomas who is famous for his Social media brand name Duhitzmark is an Instagram star and in the list of top publishers. Mark in just 14 years of age is one of the top and most followed character on and Younow. We have a huge list of fans who were searching about his profile details and they are discussed here. 

He became Active on Social media in 2015 starting and till now there is no one who can beat him. Close to million fans on makes him a super kid and his parents as Super Mom-Dad. Here are few unknown facts about Mark Thomas.

Mark Thomas: Personal Profile-

mark thomas instagram star

  • Real Name- Mark Thomas
  • Famous as- Duhitzmark
  • Occupation- Social Media star
  • DOB-March 29, 2001
  • From-United States
  • AGE-14 years old

2.Contact Details-

3. Famous Sauce Challenge W/ Jacob Sartorius and Bryce Hall-

4. Competitors-

Following are the Competitors name-

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61 thoughts on “Mark Thomas ( Duhitzmark) Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts

  1. Does anyone know if Mark even has parents that live with him??? I haven’t seen his parents at all. It’s so weird cause he goes to the groshry store by himself and he does a lot of things with his friends. I’m so conserned about him.

  2. Fuck Jacob he think he cool but he suck dez n### bitch fuck your sweat shirt and I hope you die and mark Thomas is better and is what I think I
    Of mark ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? and this is for Jacob ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Mark vs Jacob who wins mark??????????????????????????

  3. i love macob but i still love mark thomas yes he has parents who lives with him

    love you mark hope you notice me sometimes if you will notice me here is my instagram accont :@dnnse_

    P.S. i love your song selfie and of course i love you also

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