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Paul Zimmer Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about star

Paul Zimmer epPaulZimmer Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about star– A kid with over million of fans on Youtube and one of the top musers on app. Paul Zimmer who is just 20 years old is famous for his Vocal talent. He sings, he plays and does all the things which are required to make audience his fans. Now, he has crossed over 1.5 Million Fans mark on 

He became famous when is got featured in his friend’s Danny group Exclamation Pont. Paul is active on almost each social media channel and keeps himself connected with his fans all the time. Here are few unknown facts and details about Paul Zimmer.

1. Paul Zimmer: Personal Profile-

paul zimmer wiki

  • Name- Paul Zimmer
  • Occupation- Youtuber and star
  • Nationality- American
  • Started Career in- 2007
  • DOB-July 13, 1995
  • Girlfriend- Unknown
  • Born-Maryland
  • AGE-20 years old
  • Height- 5’7″

2. Contact Details-

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4. Competitors-

and many others.

Comment below if you have any more information regarding Paul.

We wish him for a good career.

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