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Gabrielle Hanna Wiki, Biography, Contact details and Facts about Vine star

Gabrielle Hanna Wiki, Biography, Contact Phone number details and Facts about Vine star– Vine star Gabrielle Hanna who is widely known as Gabrielle Jeanette Hanna is on the cards these days due to her latest Vine videos. Her Twitter channel The Gabbie Show is really worth checking as she shares insights on her life. She commonly Vlogs on Comedy and fun niches and that are loved by her fans too much. 

She mostly Vlogs with her fellow Viner Scotty Sire and they have really good chemistry for entertaining the audience. Here are few more unknown facts and details about her.

1.Gabrielle Hanna: Profile Information-

gabrielle hanna wiki

  • Name- Gabrielle Hanna
  • Occupation- Viner, Internet Sensation, Actress
  • Age- 25
  • DOB- February 7, 1991
  • From- Pennsylvania
  • Famous as- The Gabbie Show
  • Video Partner- Scotty sire
  • Movies-Janoskians Untold And Untruth” (2015), Forced Absence

2. Contact Details-

3. Early Life and Education-

She was born in Pennsylvania and then graduated in The University of Pittsburgh with a degree in psychology and communications. Probably this is the reason she exactly delivers the stuff which is gonna loved by fans. Few videos of her are really been loved by fans. She started her Social media career after her studies and in a  short span of time she became favorite of many.

4. Top performing Videos-

Most of her Videos are on experiments of Reaction i.e What will be the American reactions when they try Japanese snacks or German candy. Video are to be seen if you love watching the expressions of her and that unique comments.

5. Top Competitors-

Despite having a good fan following and her unique style there are still some Viners who have good sense of entertainment and comedy and they are-

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