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Page kennedy Wiki, Biography, Net worth, Son and Unknown facts

Page Kennedy Wiki, Biography, Net worth, Son and Unknown facts about the Vine star- One of the most impactive Vine star of all time Page Kennedy rules all social media websites like Twitter, facebook, Instagram and even TV industry too with his funny and cute acts. Page who is a 39 years old TV actor keeps posting few videos on general funny situations and make people laugh. 

He is famous for playing quarterback Radon Randell on the TV comedy Blue Mountain State. His son Timothy Kennedy is also a Vine star like his father and have a good fan following. Here are few more unknown facts and details about Page Kennedy.

1.Page Kennedy: Personal profile Information-

Page kennedy Wiki

  • Name- Page Kennedy
  • Occupation- Tv Actor, Vine star
  • DOB- November 23, 1976
  • From-Detroit, MI
  • AGE-39 years old
  • Early time -University of Delaware
  • Interests- Rapper
  • Net worth- Millionaire

2. Contact Information-

3. Family Information-

Kennedy was born in Detroit, Michigan but grew up in Los Angeles . His father was a doctor and encouraged his son to study medicine, but Kennedy gained a interest for acting after being introduced to the works of William Shakespeare at WMU.

His son Timothy kennedy is also a Vine star and have a good fan following on social media channels.

4. Movies-

  • The Other Woman (scene deleted)
  • The Kennedys
  • S.W.A.T.
  • Desperate Housewives Special: All the Juicy Details
  • The Life and Times of Marcus Felony Brown
  • In the Mix

and much more.

Number of times he getting linked with top Viners like Lance stewartAmanda Cerny, Lance Stewart and more.

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