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Sarai Jones Wiki, Biography and Unknown facts about Youtube Star

Sarai Jones Wiki, Biography, Phone number, Age and Unknown facts about Youtube Star– Beautiful Youtube makeup guru famous with her brand name Krazyrayray is one of the most influential Vlogger with almost 1 million Fan following on Instagram. Her makeup videos has really good user engagement too. Her Youtube subscribers list have crossed 2 million subscribers. Here are few unknown facts and details about Sarai Jones shown to you. 

Her Top video “Straight Hair with NO HEAT!” have crossed about 10 million views on all media channels and fer fans are just mad to get tip from her. Here are few unknown facts about Sarai Jones.

Sarai Jones: Personal Profile Information-

sarai jones wiki

  • Name- Sarai jones
  • Occupation- Youtube Makeup Vlogger, TV star
  • DOB-December 9, 1997
  • From-Washington
  • AGE-18 years old
  • Career started- 2009
  • Television – AwesomenessTV
  • Boyfriend- Jaeger Scheppe ( – 2015)

2. Contact Information-

3. Early Career –

She started her career in 2009 and have covered by number of Big Channels too. She was in relationship with Jaeger Scheppe but the couple seperated in 2005. But her few videos has got a really good expoe in social media therefore she is able to collect approximate 2.3 million subsribers from youtube alone.

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Some more people are working on similar platform Youtube but of different niches registers their name in top Youtubers list.

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