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Ginni Kapoor Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about Punjabi Model

Ginni Kapoor Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about Punjabi Model-Ginni Kapoor with her latest as a model of Jassi Gill’s latest song Attt Karti is ready to go viral and  with this many people were searching about Ginni kapoor as Prabh Gill Mere Kol song model or girl. We have managed to find some crucial details about Ginni kapoor. Here is the complete wikipedia and bio details about Ginni kapoor shown to you.

She has appeared in number of songs like Prabh Gill’s super hit Mere Kol where she was doing wonders in her White dress and looking pretty. Here are some facts about Ginni Kapoor.

1.Ginni Kapoor: Personal Profile-

Ginni Kapoor wiki

Personal profile-

  • Name- Ginni Kapoor
  • Occupation- Model
  • From- Punjab
  • Nationality- Indian
  • Religion- Hindu
  • Birth Date : 22 August
  • Height- 5’7” ( approx)
  • Birthday- 22 August
  • Weight- 50 kg (approx)

2.Contact Details-

3.Facts and Hit songs-

Ginni who is a lovely Dimple girl from Chandigarh India Punjab has been trying into modelling from long and have got chance through number of songs. But recently with Prabh Gill latest sad song Mere Kol she has rocked and the song have got nearly about 1 million views on you tube.

Her appearence in Jassi Gill’s latest song Att Karti is also been appreciated and it seems like she is gonna get some big contracts soon.

4.Instagram Updates-

Yippppieee ✌?️ thnx every1 for so much love ?

A photo posted by Ginni Kapoor Official (@ginni.kapoor.7) on


Prabh Gill – Mere Kol Video-

More songs-

  • Song – Black Suit by Preet Harpal
  • Time Table by Kulwinder Billa
  • Singh nal Jodi by Diljit Dosanjh & Sukshinder Shinda
  • Att Karti Jassi Gill song

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