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Sham idrees Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about Social media star

Sham idrees Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about Social media star| Girlfriend,Marital Status,Eyes Color Info-  These days social media stars are having more engagement with user as compared to Real TV or movie Star. We have talked with you about number of stars like Shahveer JafryZaidAliT and many more stars and today i will talk to you about Sham Idrees the smart social media actor, singer.

His fans often says that he looks like Hrithik Roshan. Here are some of the facts and details about Shahveer Jafry to you and hope that you will love this and will share this must.

1.Sham idrees: Personal Profile-

Sham Idrees Wiki

  • Name- Sham Idrees
  • Lives in – Canada
  • Bookings:
  • For bookings in Pakistan: 0320-4000067
  • For bookings in Canada/USA/UK: 1-888-812-1937
  • Marital Status- Unmarried
  • Girlfriend- Unknown

2.Contact Information-

  • Instagram- ID
  • Twitter- Channel
  • Youtube- Videos
  • Snapchat: Shamidrees
  • Hometown: Pakistani Canadian (Toronto)
  • Address- #201-1 CLEOPATRA DRIVE
    OTTAWA, ON, K2G 1E8
  • Website-
  • Contact Number- 1-888-812-1937

3. Popular Songs and Success stories-

Sham Idrees has received recognition from millions of fans worldwide. His Facebook page alone is now over 1 Million Likes! with over 10 million being reached per week through his posts and music.

His single ” London 2 Paris” produced by Kemyst is over half a million views and downloaded by thousands worldwide.

His popular remix “Dil Dil Pakistan” produced by Kemyst is almost at a quarter of a million views on you tube alone. However YouTube is blocked in Pakistan where this video is immensely viewed. Having over 28,000 Shares on Facebook alone. This video went viral in Pakistan and was featured and aired on many TV stations including PTV, GEOTV, AAGTV and many other channels as well as being played on many radio stations country wide.

Sham Idrees has performed in many countries including USA, United Kingdom and throughout Canada.

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