Shiva Safai Wiki, Biography and Unknown Facts about Mohamed Hadid’s Fiance

Shiva Safai Wiki, Biography, Contact Phone number details and Unknown Facts about Mohamed Hadid’s Fiance – Mohamed Hadid who is the father of hot beauties Gigi and Bella hadid is soon going to get marry with Shiva Safai soon. In a latest chat with a news channel he was just changed and was not giving attention to Yolanda. Sources confirms that Mohamed hadid is engaged to Shiva. 

Shiva Safai is basically from Iran and was just 19 when she moved to Los Angeles. Than she worked in Los Angeles before getting in relationship with Mohamed hadid. Here are some of the facts and inforation about Shiva Safai.

1. Shiva Safai: Daughters (Gigi and bella):P-
Shiva Safai wiki

Here is the case if Mohamed hadid and Shiva gets married than it will be like when mother Shiva safai and daughters Bella hadid and Gigi hadid will be almost similar. She definitelty doesn’t seems to be a mother of 2 beautiful girls.

Mohamed hadid who is a Real estate entrepreneur was married to Yolanda Foster but in 2000 they got seperated.

2.Profile Information-

  • Name- Shiva Safai
  • From- Iran
  • Relationship- Mohamed Hadid
  • Siblings- 2 Brothers
  • Hobbies- Cooking and Entertaining
  • Lives in- LA
  • Instagram- Account
  • Favorite Dishes- saffron chicken, Persian spaghetti and ground beef kabob
  • Twitter- Twitter

3.Regular Instagrammer-

Just like all the stars she is live on Instagram and keep sharing her daily routine information there. She have almost 450k fans in the list and all love to be with that list.

She seems to be a party girl and love to dance with her loved once. In a latest Instagram post she posted a caption-

This is how we party???? ayyyyyy Baharak we LOVE you. Beautiful night with best friends @babouleee @noosheee11 Stella and @andymusic1 @shanirigsbee you guys are beyond friends you guys made our night ❤️❤️❤️

and posted a cute dance video.

Comment below with the information you are having about thjis beauty.

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