Tiernan Cowling bio

Tiernan Cowling Wiki,Biography and Unknown Facts about DJ Steve Aoki Wife

Tiernan Cowling Wiki,Biography and Unknown Facts about DJ Steve Aoki Wife will be shown here- First of all we wish a big congrats to DJ Steve Aoki who just got married with his long time girlfriend from Australia Tiernan Cowling. A huge numnber of people are looking for complete details about his wife Tiernan Cowling and what she actually does. Here is the complete informational article about the couple.

Tiernan Cowling (24 years) is a Model from Australia and in relationship with DJ steve Aoki from a long time. The couple got married on the Hawaiian island of Maui on Friday, December 18. DJ steve Aoki who is a super successful DJ is lucky to have Tiernan. Here are some of the unknown facts and information about Tiernan.

1.Tiernan Cowling : Australian Model details-

Tiernan Cowling bio

She is a Australian Model and have worked number of tkmes with Mark Hunter of thecobrasnake.com. Steve Aoki who have approximately $14 million of networth is in relationship with her from approximately 6 years.

Despite of having a age gap of 14 years they have managed to get a good understanding and finally they got married. She is hot and love to share her pics on social media.

Both are engaged for from last 6 years.

2. Profile Information-

  • Name- Tiernan Cowling
  • Age- 24 years
  • Partner- DJ Steve Aoki
  • Net worth- More than $10 million
  • Married on- December 18, 2015

“Steve married his longtime girlfriend in a small, private and intimate ceremony in Maui yesterday in front of their families,”.

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