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Txunamy Wiki, Biography, Age, Family and Contact Phone number details

Txunamy Wiki, Biography, Age, Family and Contact Phone number details- 7 years sweet girl from California named as Txunamy is really taking Musical.ly by storm and beating the stars like Jacob Sartorius, Baby ariel at the leaderboard. She is just 7 years old and taking the internet by storm. With just 1.21 Million Musical.ly fans she is getting more than 3 Million hearts daily and that is a big achievement. 

In last few days she became so much viral and now our fans are also requesting us to update her profile on our portal. Txunamy is a musical.ly star and her strength is cuteness with which she makes her videos. Here are few details and unknown facts about her.

1. Txunamy : Personal Profile Details-

txunamy wiki

  • Name- Txunamy
  • Real Name- Unknown
  • From- California
  • 7 years
  • Parents- Unknown
  • Occupation- Musical.ly star
  • Account managed by- Her Mother

2. Mother ( Strength of her life)-

She keeps on sharing her images with her mom “Esthalla” and also given her Instagram address in her bio- Mother Instagram account. Her mother also has a fan following of 8k on Instagram and most of them are her daughter fans.

3. Contact details-

  • Phone number- N/A
  • Facebook- No Verified acount
  • Twitter- @Txunamy ( (Inactive acount)
  • Instagram- @txunamy
  • Younow- N/a

4. Big Selena Gomez Fan-

She is a mad Selena Gomez fan and always ready to copy her. In her twitter account, she has posted few number of images of her copying exact dress and poses like Selena. Moreover, her Twitter status is Mini Selena Gomez fan 😛 .

Hope you loved the content.  Comment below if you have more information regarding her or you wanna say something to her.

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