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Mark Thomas aka Duhitzmark “Selfie” song Reviews, Ratings and Video

Mark Thomas aka Duhitzmark “Selfie” song Reviews, Ratings and Video- Duhitzmark, well known social media star is on the path of his competitors like Jacob Sartorius as he just released his latest single song on iTunes “Selfie”. There are few leaked Mp3 versions and Videos of this song before the launch, but the complete version is out now. The song length is about 3:13 and it will cost you about $1.29. 

A few days ago, Jacob’s Sweatshirt was released, and the fans were in love with that song. Mark will be hoping for a positive response on his song.

Selfie song details-

selfie duhitzmark

  • Genres: Hip-Hop, Music, Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Released: Jun 20, 2016
  • Singer- Mark Thomas
  • Purchase link- here
  • Cost- $1.29

Available Reviews-

  • veronika1082 He is the same as jacob ???But jacob is way cuter than him ! I personally don’t like them but if I had to choose jacob or him I would of went for jacob
  • ayoo_emm if you’re 16 then why are you following and are a fan of someone who posts selfies for girls and is at least 3 years younger then you?? got me confused
  • jackielmfao So I Heard The song on Spotify and I’m pretty sure it’s about nudes, good song anyways.
  • hannahmartinotree Amazing it is better than sweatshirt

Note- Reviews are taken from Instagram profile.

Comment below with your thoughts about this song.

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3 thoughts on “Mark Thomas aka Duhitzmark “Selfie” song Reviews, Ratings and Video

  1. btw for everyone who commented bad comments if you hate him then why your searching about him ????
    and selfie is the best song I’ve ever heard by a 15 years old boy

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