Whynot_joey Joey Kisluk Wiki, Biography and Facts about Musical.ly star

Whynot_joey Joey Kisluk Wiki, Biography and Facts about Musical.ly star– Musical.ly star who is famous with his id channel- Whynot_joey and Boyfriend of Hot musical.ly star Loren Gray Beech is viral due his performances on Musical.ly and Younow app. This star has also a 204k Instagram followers and decent Musical.ly followings too. He just started his career in 2015 and within very less time he has got good popularity.

His name is associated with fellow Musical.ly star Loren Beech and his most of the posts features this female star too. Here are few details and unknown facts about Whynot_joey.

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1.Whynot_joey Joey Kisluk: Personal Profile-

@whynot_joey wiki

  • Real Name- Joey Kisluk
  • Famous as-Whynot_joey
  • DOB- January 6, 2000
  • From-Connecticut
  • AGE-16 years old
  • Nationality- American
  • Girlfriend- Loren beech

2. Contact details-

3. Competitors-

4. Huge Fan following-

He is having a fan following of 204k on Instagram now on his 68 posts. With millions of hearts, he is one of the the top performer of Musical.ly platform.

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Comment below if you have any details about Joey. We wish for his bright career.

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  1. Loren is 14 Joey is 16 almost 17 and they are dating bc ppl keep telling me it’s a tomorrow bc ppl is telling Joey bad stuff about Loren to get them to break up but it ain’t happening and it’s all over Instagram 247 all day comments are just bad

  2. He is identified as the poet-laureate of Rock n’ Roll, his music came from the
    heart and has stayed with fans ever since.

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